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This wiki is for all things Amy Rose, from her moves to SonAmy. Feel free to help out and make this wiki grow and to become the one and only source for Amy Rose.

Basic Wiki Rules

For the most part we follow the same rules as the Sonic News Network wiki the below are the wiki rules that effect here only please follow them.

  • We are pro Amy.
  • Unless stated otherwise by users swearing/cussing is allowed to a extent.
  • Other characters can have pages but must be kept short and must relate only to their connection and relation to Amy.
  • You may post about couples involving Amy but they must be official characters (no fan characters or OC's) and must have (Fan Couples) written like this in the article name.
    • However, this does not apply to Sonamy (the paring of Sonic and Amy Rose as it's the ony couple supported by the games).
  • When making new articles, categories, etc, please contact the founder and tell him what was added so that he may follow it and keep a eye on it.


  1. Games
  2. Sonic X
  3. Archie
  4. Everything else.

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